Here are 4 of my favorite caricatures done of me by 4 of my favorite artists.

Greg and Katie Halbert caricature by Paul Gaunt

The first caricature was created by the great Paul Gaunt in return for me designing his website. I asked Paul to play around with the fact that I am a Vikings fan and Katie is a Packers fan. When I first saw the illustration my jaw hit the floor, as he took that concept and created this amazing watercolor scene with tons of detail. You can see he added Vince Lombardi, Ragnar (the Vikings mascot) and if you look closely, you might be able to spot Brett Favre as well.

Greg and Katie Halbert caricature by Mike Giblin

This illustration was also done in exchange for creating Mike’s website. Katie and I met at the University of Minnesota, so I told Mike to go with that concept. Having her sitting on my arm was a great touch, allowing her to be eye level with me despite the fact that there’s a foot different between us.

Greg and Katie Halbert sketch by Mike Giblin

Here is the sketch he used for the final piece. Mike is so great at simplifying and capturing facial shapes, it is cool to see this part of the process.

Greg Halbert caricature by David Wolter

David Wolter and I worked together at Valleyfair one season together, and at 6’10”, he is one of the few caricature artists who I literally look up to. He drew this caricature of me at an ISCA convention a few years ago. The story behind the pose is that I like to draw on the floor, and apparently David found the sight of a 6’8″ guy curled up on the floor drawing quite funny and inspiring. I love this caricature, which was done in colored pencil and actually uses two pieces of paper taped together horizontally.

Greg Halbert caricature by Chris Rommel

This is an older caricature of me (hence the hair) by Chris Rommel. We were both working out at Valleyfair at the time, and the Power Tower ride was the new attraction. Apparently my long, skinny neck was inspiration enough to create this illustration. I believe this was one of his first attempts at painting digitally in Photoshop. Not to shabby.