Caricatures at MSOE’s Welcome Week

Every year for the past four years I’ve had the priveledge to draw at the Milwaukee School of Engineering for their welcome week/student orientation. It’s a two day gig, seven hours of drawing both days and it is always very busy the whole time. Despite the long hours, I always look forward to working this gig because it’s a relaxed atmosphere and the people are always so great.

In fact, I’ve gotten to know some of the students and their parents fairly well. This past September marked my fourth year drawing at MSOE, which meant a lot of the seniors who came by to get their caricature drawn had gotten one done each year since they were freshmen. What a great tradition! A mom and her son even brought every drawing they’ve had done, and we took a picture holding each version:

Four Years at MSOE

Having a caricature artist at an event like this is also great way for new students to connect. I’ve noticed a lot of times I’ll be drawing someone, and another student or group of students will walk by, notice the drawing, make a comment, and the next thing you know they are discussing majors, classes, teachers and more. So, not only did my subject get a drawing they can hang on their dorm room wall, but they also made some new friends. I’m glad I can help bring people together!

On The Cover Of The Local Paper

Last year I drew caricatures at the Lakeville Home Expo at my friend Juston Olson’s booth for his business Vantage Window Cleaning. The caricatures were a hit, in fact there was a huge traffic jam at our location. This was my first time drawing at a trade show, and I am somewhat surprised I don’t get these requests more often. The majority of people I drew were kids, and in the 4-5 minutes it took to draw them, Justin was able to chat with their parents and pitch his business. Also, since I put each drawing into a protective plastic bag, I was able to slip a Vantage flyer and some business cards in with each drawing.

Much to my surprise, a photo of me drawing showed up on the cover of the Lakeville paper this March:

Greg Drawing Lakeville Paper

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