Randy Moss Caricature

Randy Moss was back in Minneapolis yesterday playing in the Metrodome as an opponent for the first time. He had a quiet day, three catches for 27 yards. Through the first three games of the season, he has only been playing around a third of the 49ers snaps, and while he still makes for a great decoy, he hasn’t had a huge impact on the games. I heard one theory that Jim Harbaugh is limiting his playing time to prevent Moss from thinking that he is playing a bigger role in the team’s success than he actually is. So far, they are winning without using him much, so if he gets an attitude it will make it easier for them to let him go.

Personally, I think Randy is a smart guy with a very high football IQ. At this point, he is simply seeking that elusive Super Bowl ring, and after taking a year off I’m sure he realizes, at his age, he is no longer a superstar and needs to be a leader willing to do whatever it take to help his team win.

As for the game yesterday, my Vikings surprised everyone (including themselves, I don’t care what anyone says) and beat the 49ers fairly handily, despite the replacement referees attempts to keep the game close in the fourth quarter by giving SF a challenge that didn’t have, reversing a call that should not have been reversed, then giving them an extra time out after it was all said and done. Bottom line, the Vikes did what they haven’t been able to do in recent memory, play all four quarters and close out a tough team in a must win game.